Getting Started

Getting Started

Perhaps no one understands the connection to land quite like Iowans. Cropland that provides our livelihood, timber where we explored as kids, prairies that teach us about our heritage — Iowa’s diverse landscapes shape our lives.

We hear from Iowans every day that have a special connection to the land they own — land with its own personality, foibles and subtle charm: that stubborn wet spot in the south field, the little flowers that bloom in the woodland each spring, the way sunrise paints the upper pasture during chores. It’s land they love, and safeguarding it for the future is ever-present on their mind.

Determining the future of your land is an important responsibility, and it’s your opportunity to create a conservation legacy. 

Landowners often give this decision a great deal of thought and discussion. You may be surprised at the many ways you can protect your land and the many conservation partners who are able to help you create the future you envision for your land.

This website and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation staff are here to help you discover:

  • Ways to permanently protect Iowa land
  • Tax benefits associated with land protection
  • Tips and resources that can make your decision process easier

Want to simply talk with someone about options available to you? Contact us.

Lots to think about. Let’s talk it through.
It can be hard to sort through your land protection options and tax benefits on a website. We’re here to help you through it. We can visit by phone, in person or on the land. Free. Confidential. No sales pitch. No obligation. Just the information and introductions you need to get started. Contact us.