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How INHF Can Help

INHF has worked with private landowners for almost four decades to bring conservation to over 1,100 places statewide.

The first person to donate land to INHF for protection was Daisy Whitham of Fairfield. Daisy said, “I want you to be my eyes into the future.” That was her way of saying she trusted INHF to keep her woodland always a woodland — to keep an eye on her land.

INHF is honored to carry out Daisy’s vision for the future, and to carry out the vision for hundreds more Iowa landowners. It’s a trust we take seriously, and a duty at which INHF is one of the most experienced organizations in the state.

To help you achieve your land protection goals, INHF can:

  • Listen. We start each project with a conversation to determine what’s best for the land and your protection priorities. We can help you navigate the many options available for Iowa landowners and choose the best course of action.
  • Refer. We work hard to find the right fit for Iowa landowners. That often includes INHF, but not always. We’ve introduced many landowners to conservation agencies and organizations that best fit their vision and needs.
  • Navigate. Whether you choose a donation or a bequest, a conservation easement, a bargain sale or any number of other options, we can help you navigate all the steps you’ll need to take.
  • Protect. If you choose INHF to hold your conservation easement or own your land in the future, we look forward to building a lasting partnership with you and your land. Our staff and board work hard to ensure that INHF has the capacity to live up to our permanent responsibilities.

Looking to start the protection process, or learn more about your options? Contact Abby Hade Terpstra, director of philanthropy, at or 515-288-1846.

Lots to think about. Let’s talk it through.
It can be hard to sort through your land protection options and tax benefits on a website. We’re here to help you through it. We can visit by phone, in person or on the land. Free. Confidential. No sales pitch. No obligation. Just the information and introductions you need to get started. Contact us.