Landowner Stories

  • Wetland Wonders

    JAN. 2, 2019

    Ray and Patti Hamilton love discovering mother nature's gems. When a friend mentioned a high-quality fen wetaldn in Fayette County could be coming up for purchase, Ray and Patti quickly agreed this rare property was one of those gems that needed to be protected.

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  • Ever-flowing

    DEC. 19, 2018

    Ed Weimerskirk loved his land - and entrusted his woodlands, trout streams and pasture to INHF to care for into the future.

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  • Protecting Habitat in the Loess Hills

    DEC. 5, 2018

    Ruth Rose and Luis Lebredo help create complex of protected habitat near Sioux City.

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  • Meadow-morphasis

    NOV. 21, 2018

    John and Shari Paule worked for years to restore their land in Madison County. Now, they're protecting it well into the future.

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  • The Family Trees

    AUG. 8, 2018

    For more than a century, the Ferguson Timber has given life to an extended family. Now, the family is ensuring its future, permanently protecting nearly 500 acres in Marshall County.

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