Protecting Habitat in the Loess Hills

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Landowner Stories

Rose-Lebredo CE map

Just across the street from Stone State Park in Plymouth County lies 59 acres of grassland, oak savanna and remnant prairie owned by Ruth Rose and Luis Lebredo. 

Located within the Loess Hills landform and the Plymouth South Special Landscape Area, the property provides excellent wildlife habitat and is a high priority area for protection in the state. Ruth and Luis donated a conservation easement to INHF in 2018, expanding the complex of protected land in the area and ensuring this scenic spot just outside of Sioux City city limits will always be protected.

“We were excited to work with Ruth and Luis to protect this important piece of the Loess Hills landscape,” said Erin Van Waus, INHF conservation easement director. “With Stone State Park, Mt. Talbot State Preserve and another INHF-held easement nearby, we’re seeing a great progression for habitat protection just outside a major Iowa city.”